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Tricky the Clown Costume

2010-10-24 21:50:54 by KamenZero

For Halloween I was planning on doing a Tricky the Clown costume. Unfortunately, due to budgetary constraints (and me buying a guitar) I was unable to get most of the components (namely a clown wig and make a fake Tricky stop sign). However, for anyone interested, I have pictures of my progress making the Tricky Mask.

First: /KamenZero/001.jpg

I measure and cut out two halves of the mask... It was annoying.

Second: /KamenZero/002-1.jpg

I cover the front in paper mache and prop the mask between two objects as it dries to keep it at an angle.

Third: /KamenZero/003.jpg

I cover the front in Pulp Paper Mache and again let it dry. I may or may not paint it, since the pulp is already grey.